We are Maciek and Basia. We live in Warsaw, but we’re both originally from sets of post-industrial movies: Łódź and Wałbrzych (we’ve also managed to squeeze in a few years abroad, in a place that sees more tourists from the North of Europe and Erasmus students than the Frankfurt airport, but in the end we decided that: blackberries>mango). We’re both doing sports and enjoying it – Basia is mastering the art of levitation with the help of yoga and Maciek is hugging his buddies at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

All those adventures are best enjoyed in proper attire, so we’ve been looking for clothes that sport cool designs, have a ”Made in Poland” tag and offer a little bit of healthy perspective (we are talking about leggings after all, they will not win a gold medal at the Olympics for you, nor land you a date with Mr./Ms. Right), but failed to find anything that would work for us. So, we decided to create them ourselves. Needless to say, we had no clue about sewing, the differences between fabrics and knitwears, or dyeing and printing. Fortunately, we got the help we needed from friends, and total strangers alike, and a mere year and half from the initial “let’s talk business” moment (which resembled something along the lines of “Hey, how about we do it ourselves. It can’t take more than, let’s say, three months? Right?”) we’ve launched our store.

Remember: when you get fudge candy in your parcel and all your new dietary restrictions go out the window - you know whom to blame. 


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