Underwood Male Leggings

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The Underwood will pull you into a labyrinth of ferns, hepaticas and moss. Additionally, you will be able to sneak your way through the Polish-Czech border.  

Leggings for all you marathon runners, kick boxers and couch warriors out there.

14% elastane (mixed with 86% polyester) make them fit you like a second skin and never lose shape


(see-through-proof even in the most awkward of positions you might be tempted to try while hanging out in the hood)

quick-drying, sweat repellent, great for tropical jungles

splits-proof, thanks to special crotch-reinforcement

flat seams and no protruding tags make them suit you like your favorite body-lotion

tummy-friendly – a broad waist belt without that annoying waist-dividing rubber band

made of breathable fabric, so light that it almost feels like it has lungs of its own (on a side note: it does not, it’s just a metaphor, sigh)

Maciek (left) is 178 cm tall and is wearing a size L. Adam is 180 cm tall and is wearing a size M. Both train Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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Katarzyna Bogdańska

Autorką wzoru jest Katarzyna Bogdańska, ilustratorka. Mieszka i pracuje w Warszawie. Studiowała na stołecznym wydziale Malarstwa ASP, dyplom obroniła w pracowni prof. Jarosława Modzelewskiego. Jej ilustracje można znaleźć w Wysokich Obcasach, Magazynie Coaching, Miesięczniku Znak, Magazynie Usta i Fabularie. Rysowała też dla Dużego Formatu, Gagi, Mojego Psa, a dla Hopsa przygotowała swój pierwszy wzór na dzianinę.

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