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Cats know that the most important things in life are: a good stretch after getting up, power wielded in secret over the world, and an unwavering confidence of every movement (even if you know half flight, that you won't make it to that window sill). Follow in their footsteps while wearing the colors of the Cheshire Cat!

This tanker top will let you hang on the boulders as freely as your cat does on your curtains.

made of breathable fabric, so light that it almost feels like it has lungs of its own (on a side note: it does not, it’s just a metaphor, sigh)

quick-drying and sweat repellent, great for tropical jungles

14% elastane (mixed with 86% polyester) make it fit you like a second skin and never lose shape

Kasia (left) trains powerlifting. She is 166 cm tall and is wearing a size L. Paulia does crossfit, she is 165 cm tall and is wearing a size S.

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Ania Rudak

Autorką wzoru jest Anna Rudak, ilustratorka z Gdańska, z pasją do jogi i podróży. Inspirują ją ludzie, natura, moc koloru i wspomnienia z dzieciństwa. W swoich pracach próbuje zawrzeć tyle pozytywnej energii, ile to tylko możliwe i ma nadzieję, że tak samo będzie w przypadku paternu z kocurami! Oby te ubrania dodały Wam siły, giętkości i kocich ruchów, wiadomo.

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