The most beautiful leggings in the world! And the most comfortable ones. 

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What is HOPSA?


For Hopsa, the bear is a symbol of physicality transcending the image of the stereotypical, social-media six-pack. We believe in health and joy through sport. You don't have to be a model to crash a yoga class. Your bicep doesn't need to be arnold-esque to start training martial arts. The bear doesn't care that it’s not as fit as a jaguar.

Be more bear. 

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Our active wear is 100% made locally in Łódź, Poland. Local production = reduced carbon footprint. (And thanks to it we support local community, too).

We don't pack our stuff in plastic bags. We don't use tags and any other unnecessary items. We want to keep our production as clean and waste free as possible. 

100% Made in Poland

Our patterns are unique! Custom created by acclaimed Polish artists <3

Quick delivery no matter where you are!

Our fabric is everything! Smooth, extremely durable, quick-drying and sweat repellent. And, no kidding, it feels like a butter on your skin.


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